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PREMIERE Alan Schultz - Resolution

The 13-episode season premiered on the streaming service CBS All Access on October 15, 2020, and concluded on January 7, 2021. It was estimated to be the most in-demand All Access series of 2020, and received positive reviews for its new setting which critics felt had freed the series from the franchise's existing continuity and allowed it to tell the story it was meant to tell. Other praise went to the season's real-world parallels and cast (especially Martin-Green, as well as the introduction of Ajala, del Barrio, and Alexander), while Burnham's character development and the resolution of major issues received mixed responses. It won a Primetime Emmy Award for its visual effects, and received several other awards and nominations. A fourth season was announced in October 2020,[1] and the third season also sets-up a planned spin-off series to star recurring guest Michelle Yeoh.

PREMIERE Alan Schultz - Resolution



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