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JRebel 2018 2 2 License Key

Rebel Licenses (formerly known as ZT License Management) is a hosted, always online licensing service. This service provides immediate access to JRebel & XRebel licenses for use online or in offline mode (where available). The Rebel Licenses also provides analytical capabilities and advanced user monitoring.

JRebel 2018 2 2 License Key

No, files asked by support do not contain your source code, although might contain some class info (specified below). The two files commonly asked by support (and automatically sent if you use the IDE built-in support dialog) are the JRebel Agent log (jrebel.log) and the JRebel IDE plugin log (e.g. jrebel-eclipse.log).

One additional note, I am working on an open source project, and they offer free one year licenses to people who can prove they are on an open source project. Which works great for me (, but I won't be on that project forever.

JRebel is free. Don't buy it. Select the "free" option (radio button) on the "buy" page. Then select "Social". After you sign up, you will get a fully functional JRebel license key. You can then download JRebel or use the key in your IDEs embedded version. The catch, (yes, there is a catch), you have to allow them to post on your behalf (advertise) once a month on your FB timeline or Twitter account. I gave them my twitter account, no biggie, I never use it and no one I know really uses it. So save $260.

After exploring some time I found the solution. Actually the solution disables the JRebel. In the folder: /.netbeans/8.0.2/config/Modules there is a file org-zeroturnaround-jrebel-netbeans.xml.You need to change the file as follows.

You can use open source code in proprietary software. But you should be aware of what open source licensing applies. For instance, some licenses allow you to sell your software. But your code must be open sourced under the same license.

In fact, many development teams use open source projects as building blocks for proprietary software. In fact, a 2018 report found that 96% of applications have open source components. And the average percentage of codebases that are open source in applications grew from 36% in 2017 to 57% in 2018.


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