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The Unbeatable Bruce Lee

A great documentary for any fan to add to their collection. I was impressed by the extras and would certainly recommend it to any longstanding fans who remember the films the first time around, and too any new fans that are embarking on the history of "the unbeatable Bruce Lee".

The Unbeatable Bruce Lee

The Bruce Lee made famous in films like 1973's "Enter the Dragon" is the ultimate badass, an unbeatable kung fu warrior, and for most Westerners that's the only Bruce Lee they ever knew. Lee died under mysterious circumstances at only 32 years old, just as his Hollywood star was beginning to shine.

@Medic_alert Some of the tower challenges were actually unbeatable. That is not defendable with who cares it's cosmetics. It's not a free to play game that makes it's profit on microtransactions, it's a full price game and some suckers even got a deluxe edition.

The premise of the show was that after suffering devastating injuries in an aircraft crash, an astronaut played by Lee Majors gets a complete remake with bionic body parts that make him unbeatable to all kinds of bad guys. Total cost of his rehab: six million dollars. 041b061a72


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